Sunday, 21 February 2010

Happy birthday to ME

Not to go on about it, but today is my birthday (shaping up to be best birthday ever) and as I write the boy is in the kitchen cooking a 'special secret' lunch.* Yesterday we spent the day at Portobello market and I have many lovely things to show off to you soon! So, while I go off to spend an hour in the bath, here's a pretty picture of some brooches on their stand all ready for my next craft market. Happy Sunday!

*will report back as to success of said lunch.


Queen said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Lou Lou
Happy Birthday to you.

Many Happy Returns love
Have a wonderful day.

Queen Marie

Moorea Seal said...

Happy birthday!!!

Oh those brooches look so great. and I love the frame they are in too!

Cupcake Couture said...

Happy Birthday. Lovely those brooches are!
I am going to do a brooch swop with Angie from Lucky Pony. Let me know if you would like to swop too as I make brooches for my label Cupcake Couture.

angie said...

hello friend
happy birthday for yesterday. hope you had the most special day ever.


ps: nice brooches :)

gracia said...

Belated birthday cheer I sing to you... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Louise said...

thanks everyone! Re: special secret lunch, it was great (no surprise culinary skills were revealed, but very nice)

la casita said...

Happy belated bday Louise!

Louise said...

Thanks Alessandra!

Fine Little Day said...

Oh happy belated birthday Louise, hope you had a great day!

Louise said...

Thank you Elisabeth! I did, although it seems like a million years ago now!

jessica said...

doh! i missed your birthday- happy belated!!!