Saturday, 2 January 2016

On New Years Resolutions

It's that time when everyone is asking 'any news years resolutions this year?' It's unavoidable! Usually I don't really make any, but this year I seem to have a huge stack of personal wishes/changes that pretty much could all be put under the umbrella of 'be a better person' - you know, be kinder, do more exercise, feel more content and less dissatisfied with what I do, not envy the success of others and make myself feel down, take better care of my plants, eat less salt (oh, and sugar!)... Stay in touch with old friends properly, have much less clutter, get back on the yoga, throw myself into my study properly, be patient, do something good with the hoards of fabric in the cupboard... The list is almost  endless!

They do say it's best to have one or two achievable goals but I'm just gonna throw all of these into the new year and see what sticks. And if nothing does, I'll go back and read this article to make myself feel better.

Oh, and just one more: ease up on myself! :D And meanwhile, there are lots of exciting ideas in the pipeline for Super Duper Things.

Well. Thanks for reading my ramble. How about you? Do you go in for new years resolutions?


CJ said...

Yes, I think I have most of those resolutions as well! I'm wishing you success with them all, and a very happy 2016. CJ xx

Louise said...

Haha, thanks CJ, you too! I'm not surprised we share resolutions, it's basically all the stuff you get told/know you ought to do all the time but it's not always easy to follow through, eh? :D

Happy new year!


éva-mona said...

The last one is my favourite ;-) A few of mine are similar to yours and that is pretty much all. Though it's already +10days after the new year and I already find it difficult to stick to these... Happy 2016 Louise!

Louise said...

Eva-mona - yes indeed! I've of course already failed on most counts... so concentrating on that last one ;) Happy New Year!