Friday, 15 January 2016

DIY beach hut: anti-January blues

Sometimes in the depths of January you need to be reminded of sunnier times that will come! While digging around in my laptop (an ongoing tidy-up project that never seems complete) I came across these pieces from a hand-made zine that I contributed to in my first year of university - oh! 8 years ago now?! It was all about trips to the Norfolk coast in the middle of winter. On a day like today a well-wrapped up trip to the wintery coast seems like rather a good proposition, but since I can't go in reality I thought I'd post these here so we can all go in spirit.

A perfect project for the kids, or the grown-up kids: click on the cut-out beach hut picture and right click to save the image (at least on a mac! It might be different on a PC.) Print it out on A4 paper, colour it in to your hearts content and then follow the instructions to assemble. Why not make a whole row, get some fish and chips in, play seagull noises and pretend you're there while reflecting that perhaps after all its better to have warm feet and the kettle in reaching distance...

Enjoy your weekends, my dears!

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Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

Oh beach huts - I do so love them! They really make me think of holidays and summer days :)

Louise said...

Thanks Hawthorn Spellweaver, glad to hear that beach huts have another big fan! :D