Thursday, 10 December 2015

What a week!

Above photo credit: Yeshen Venema 

It's been a very exciting week here in Super Duper land. I had an amazing few days at Etsy Made Local: London, met loads of lovely people, experienced Soho early on a Sunday morning for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed myself! I also particularly enjoyed wrapping up people's presents on the free gift-wrapping station run by the talented Shoshana - which surprised me a little as I thought I might crumble under the pressure!

So now, back at home, catching up on work and trying to stop my thoughts from straying to how much I'd like to start doing nice Christmassy things, decorating my teeny weeny tree and making mince pies :D Maybe at the weekend, eh? ...


éva-mona said...

These are lovely photos and it's nice to see you on one! The simple styling is inspiring ;-) Well, isn't it time for Christmassy things after all? And... it's the weekend! x

Louise said...

Thanks eva-mona! You are so right. Yep, there's my silly old face :D