Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Making some winter cheer (caution: foliage-heavy post)

Late last week, the to-do list was mounting, the weather was grizzly and the seasonal cheer was rather lacking in the house. So what to do? Take a break and faff around with lovely evergreen foliage, that's what! 

It turns out that you do get some funny looks picking up sticks in the drizzle, umbrella in one hand, on a grey street in South-east London,  but we urban foragers must find our nature wherever we can! Plus some beautiful trails of ivy from a neglected (no complaint) railway bridge and I was all set for a bit of wreath-making and a bit of decorating.

Now that I'm working from home a lot I do find the mess and all the STUFF in our flat (which I love, there are certainly worse places to be all day!) a bit overwhelming. So it was definitely a good thing mental-happiness-wise to have a bit of a clear up and add a little wintery prettiness. As we ramp up to Christmas I think I'll add more, there isn't quite the lavish abundance that I'd really yet... More is always more, amiright?

PS, it's not too late (if you're in the UK) to order gifts from the shop - you could have this fern print in any colour you like especially to make your loved-one happy. Just drop me a line to discuss custom colours for no extra charge!

This is a Making Winter blog hop, go and see all the lovely stuff at Silver Pebble's wonderful cheering blog for more.


silverpebble said...

This has brought me a tiny break full of beautiful leafage on another crazed day. Children are running away from my to do list, so terrifying are its proportions. Coveting your tiny turquoise baubles (not a euphemism)

Louise said...

Hahaaa! Cheeky baubles ;) Good luck! And thank you - glad it soothed, if only for a tiny moment in a sea of to-dos x

CJ said...

What a gorgeous little wreath, you've inspired me. I shall go for a wander later and see what I can find.

Louise said...

Hi CJ! Do - I'd love to see what you find!