Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Anna adores colour

For several years now I've been desperately in love with the very distinctive work of Hungarian-born illustrator and designer Anna Kövecses. Shape, colour, type and a little playful humour: perfect. If I feel a bit sad looking at her site for a while usually sorts it out...

Plus, this Coloradore project is great, especially if it's her colour use that gets you going, or you just fancy some posters. Nice one, Anna!


Anna of The Analog House said...

I love the graphic shapes and pops of color. Beautiful book, and I'd even love to hang those on my wall as art! Thanks for the link to her work.

Analog House

Louise said...

No problem, Anna! (Excellently relevant name...)

Helen Keyes said...

I second the motion. The designs and illustrations are astonishing! Can I borrow the designing skills of Ms. Anna Kövecses?

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