Sunday, 16 August 2015

Paint and pots

Last weekend we went to two weddings - those two days could not have been more packed with joy and prosecco and happiness and beautiful flowers and great food and hugging!

I wanted a couple of small, homey but home-made gifts to give the respective couples, and I thought that a jade or money plant would be just the thing. Who DOESN'T fancy a little luck and prosperity when they've just paid for a wedding, hey?!

Anyway, I had a very rock'n'roll Friday night in the week before, watching The Bridge (four years after everyone else - I'm always late to these TV parties!) and painting flower pots. I used normal acrylic paints, then when they were dry masked them off and spray painted them with this nice metallic gold stuff. It tends to wear off a bit, but I think that will make for a quite nice 'aged' effect (hopefully!?!).


Anne said...

Nice looking plants, and lovely pots. Does the goldy paint take long to dry?

Louise said...

Thanks! Nope, its super quick, unless you've accidentally sprayed too much on one but and got thick drips :)