Sunday, 12 April 2015


These last few weeks I've been busy working away on my new website, with lots of new personal projects up on it. I think I'll show you a few of my favourites, starting with this cloth book Soft/hard which was inspired by Louise Bourgeois, and I wrote about it here.

I really enjoyed the thoughtful, quite meditative process of the stitching, and am pretty pleased with the results. I used a very stiff double-sided iron-on interfacing to help give form to the pages, which feels nice but if I was to do it again I would use single-sided stuff. The way the canvas clings around the stitches makes them quite lumpy-bumpy looking, which is fine, but you know – live and learn!

You can see more images of the project here.


María Heidi said...

did you iron the interfacing after stitching?
in my experience doing it before is better and you don't have to use an embrodery hoop 🙋

Louise said...

Maria - that is such a good idea! I did the embroidery then sewed them into pockets and inserted the interfacing, THEN ironed. Doing it the other way round would have been easier to stitch and given a neater finish. Thank you!