Sunday, 19 April 2015

Jane Austen Cookbook

Here is another of my recent projects - a book of six recipes, in both their Regency and modern forms, drawn from the novels of Jane Austen. Each recipe includes the extract of the novel in which it appears, as well as a custom pattern – a modern take on the sprigged muslins and patterned wallpapers of the time.

Each text extract is encapsulated within a smaller, inset set of pages, reflecting the form of the novel and also the way in which food is used as a metaphor by Austen. Throughout her books no detail of food or eating is ever incidental; it is always used pointedly to illustrate character or to carry subtext.

This project owes a debt to Maggie Lane's Jane Austen and Food for explaining many of those (to me) hidden meanings!


she. said...

This book is fantastic.

éva-mona said...

Sounds like such an interesting project! And your designs are so pretty. Thanks explaining those food-meanings ;-)

Louise said...

Thanks guys! I'm thinking about making a simpler version available in the shop. What do you think?


Louise said...
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Anne said...

Hi I would love to buy this book.... I had been thinking of doing a birthday meal for a friend who is fond of Jane Austen's books.