Monday, 5 July 2010

Yesterday I had an utterly self-indulgent day. First off I made vegan cakes (using this recipe) not because of any dietary thing, but because I couldn't be arsed to walk to the shop and buy eggs. Surprisingly, they are possibly even better than normal cake. Very moist and almost gooey, anyway. I couldn't resist covering them with hundreds-and-thousands like a child!

I then went and watched the Wimbledon final in the bath. Niiiiice.
What did you do with your weekend?


Daphne said...

i was admiring your art works in your shop, watching The Notebook, drawing, painting and baking applepie. :)
loooots of love

la casita said...

We went to a lovely bday party, then I had a concert with my choir (was great!) and on Sunday a trip to Ikea (...sigh!)
I will follow your advice and try those vegan cakes, I love that blue plate!
thanks and ciao.

Louise said...

Both sound lovely, girls!