Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Here are some photos of Norwich, the lovely hidden bit behind the cathedral where all the cathedral-related people live. It's ridiculously, on-the-telly nice. For overseas readers, Norwich is a bit of a joke in the UK. A marry-your-cousins, six-fingers-and-toes, everyones-a-farmer joke. You know the kind - every country's got one! So I just thought I'd show you that it's rather attractive, really.

It would be a dream to live here but you might have to become a cardinal or something. If you still fancy it, good luck to yas!


Crooked Sister said...

I'd just like to live someplace where there are brick buildings and cobblestone streets. Bricks don't go over too well here in California thanks to those darn earthquakes. :P

Jazzabelle said...

lovely pictures, you have inspired me to photograph the beutiful places in my area when i am back at home. blue seems to be the main theme, perhaps you could do a series of shots, focusing on colour etc? ohh, i quite like that idea, i might actually do something similar myself, hehe.

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Miss_Muffett said...

I walk that way to shortcut to the train station cos its so pretty, i had the luck to go in one when my ex recored his ep (one of the bandmates friends has a lil studio on the fourth floor-nuff said) anyway its was gorgeous. x

Louise said...

Crooked sister - good point. Pesky earthquakes!

Jazz - good idea, let's start a trend! I think the blue is an official cathedral thing.

Miss Muffett - ooh, lucky you! I bet they're amazing inside.

Daphne said...

it's beautiful. It would be wonderful to live there. What do you say, let's become cardinals and be roomies? ;D

Eunhwa said...

Found you through Fine Little Day... we have towns like the ones you have mentioned [mostly not nearly as true as people say!] in the States too but I wish they had beautiful blue doors like your Norwich!