Sunday, 27 June 2010

This is my new business card. It makes me happy when I see it, and hopefully that'll work for other people too!

We've just been to an awesome car boot sale, and now we're off to the beach. It's the hottest day of the year so far, I'm told, and I'm head-to-toe factor 50 sticky. Have a lovely Sunday!


Jazzabelle said...

what a lovely business card, you are just so talented! i'd love to make my own business cards, but despite me being rather artistic, i just can't design one!

have a wonderful time at the beach, you lucky thing. love, jazzabelle. xxx

Kimberly said...

First off, those cards are sheer radness. And secondly, I adore reading your blog because while we speak the same language, we really don't! What the heck is a car boot? I love it!

afairhurst said...

Hi Louise,

I love your card. It's super friendly and works perfectly.

I really love your blog too!

Andrew Fairhurst

turning pages said...

Hi Louise!
Just wanted to let you know how I love your blog and admire your eye for wonderful finds!

Best wishes, Ellen

emily said...

love your card... makes me happy too! (& such great colours)... may it leave you with many handshakes ;-)

Louise said...

Thanks so much for your comments everyone.

Kimberly - haha yes I should have a glossary in the sidebar or something. A car boot sale is sort of a cross between a yard sale and a fleamarket, where people put their junk into their car and drive to a big car park or field and then everyone goes there to buy stuff for cheaps. You do get the odd 'professional' as well. The name comes from how people would originally just put everything in the boot (trunk!) and sell it out of there, but these days you have tables and everything. fancy!

Kimberly said...

Thanks so much for the explanation - had no idea such a thing exists! I think a carboot sale would be far more interesting than America's usual garage or yard sale. :)