Thursday, 24 June 2010

I've been meaning to dust these old lovelies off and attempt to use them for ages. The shutters fire on both and I think they'll work, they just need a bit of a clean. I've finally got round to buying some film, so I may at last get round to it!

And here is a picture of some knitting.
(Just liked the pretty colours together...)

Do you have anything you've been meaning to get round to trying for ages?


nath said...

lorks! where to begin? the answer is YES, always! if i had to start to list them here, i fear i might weep!

also, nice cameras!

Louise said...

haha thanks Nath. Snapsies!

Jazzabelle said...

your cameras are beautiful, i'd love an old camera, or a polaroid, but i shall have to make do with my digital. though over the summer i am going to buy a disposable so i can develop my photographs at the end of the holidays, i think that would be rather lovely. i can't wait to see the pictures you take take with them!

well, i have been meaning to tidy my bedroom, it has been messy for far too long, well over two months. i literally can't see the carpet, i have to jump to my bed so i don't step on anything. disgusting, i know. haha!

the belt stays knotted perfectly, louise, i was rather suprised actually. thank-you, though sometimes i wish i was paler, i have such uneven skin tone. and don't you worry, the most i show of my legs is the top of my thighs, i hate my legs out of tights!

by the way, is the paypal sorted now? :)

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Vintage Shouting said...

Great cameras! Your post reminded me of my old camera I need to get around to buying new batteries and film for. I also need to find my Polaroid camera.. I know it's somewhere in my closet.

Thanks for the reminder!

Daphne said...

Love it.:) I actually just found an autographic brownie camera on portobello road, and I'm searching for films but I can't find them anywhere.. Where did you buy your films?xx
looots of love,
ps: I'm going to buy something in your lovely shop and write a huuuuge post about it.:)

la casita said...

Oh yes!

Louise said...

Daphne - they both take 35mm film which is pretty easy to find. I get it from the supermarket! You should be able to find most film types on the internet, although they get quite expensive (stuff like 110 or medium format) and you have to check that you can get it processed.