Sunday, 13 June 2010

My very good friend Tom has made this record with two other friends of mine, and they've just released it this month. I've known the three of them since school, they're talented boys (one is somewhere in deepest Siberia or something lately, interesting fact for you there) and they recorded these songs in a studio that runs off solar power, which is nice!

It's absolutely fantastic, you can hear it here, buy it here or from Rough Trade. Tom has also set up a blog, because he'd dearly love to hear from you if you come across a copy. The sleeve was done by my friend Luke, and is a bit of a triumph, n'est pas?


Sarah said...

Just bought a copy - I really like them! I got your badge in the post last week and have just realised I haven't left you to do that now :) it's perfect, thank you!

Sarah x

Louise said...

Brilliant Sarah! I'm so please, thanks! Also thanks for your lovely feedback, I'm glad you like the brooch x