Tuesday, 18 May 2010

oooh, lovely!

A nice surprise yesterday when Alessandra pointed out that my bow necklace is on this page of papier mache magazine, as is her lovely cloud pillow. This cheered me up no end, as papier mache is just amazing and looks exactly how my ideal online magazine should, never mind that it's about kids. Lucky kids!


la casita said...

And I'm so pleased and chuffed too to share this with you!
By the way, it's the second time that we share something...remember nath bonanza giveaway?

Louise said...

Oh yeah! Spooky....

Jen said...

Oh, this is so pretty - well done you! And why should it only be kids who get all the cute stuff? I'm pretty sure I could squeeze into those floral shorts... maybe... ! :) x

angie said...

oh that is so cool friend! well done.
and nice bow necklace. nice!
maybe i will have to order one to come with the record package :)