Friday, 14 May 2010

Needing a hair comb to photograph for a project, I popped into the lovely little jewellery shop in town and, finding myself sans £1.50, just HAD to buy these earrings so that I could use my card (sigh!). Now, even though I must work work work like a hermit in my house and not have any fun or go outside, at least my earlobes will look fabulous. Lovely jubbly!

The other purpose of the earrings is to console me for getting a scalpel blade in my foot this morning, which was not cool. Health and Safety fail.


Claire Kiefer said...

love those peach ones--sooooo pretty!

Jess said...

Gonna miss your wares when I go to the vintage Market on Sunday

nath said...

ouch! you deserve a treat then!

Jenn/Neico's Knots said...

Oooof. I agree, getting a scalpel in the foot DEFINITELY calls for a sympathy purchase (or three!)

angie said...

oh shame my friend, that couldn't have been too nice. once i cut my finger with a blade while attempting to mount something and i pretty much fainted. ha. lame.

nice earrings by the way xxxxxx

la casita said...

hey Louise I think one of your necklace is in papier mache mag have a look here:
but maybe you already know!
ciao for now
love the earrings...X

Louise said...

Angie - there's no shame in that. I'm a notorious fainter-at-blood.
Alessandra - AWESOME!

everyone else, much love x

Cupcake Couture said...

Shame - not cool! Hope you are just fine. Love your pretty finds! x