Friday, 12 March 2010

Car booty part III

I am feeling extremely sorry for myself after a hideous dental experience this morning, so to cheer myself up I went through the back of broken jewellery bits that I got my greedy paws on at the weekend. I think I will spend the weekend making them into nice new things, as well as eating soup and downing anti-biotics. Hmmph.

Hope that you are all in for a funner weekend!


nath said...

you poor lamb, that sounds awful. feel better soon. can't wait to see what you make with all those interesting bits and pieces!

la casita said...

Ohhhh dental stuff are always awful experiences...
hope you'll feel better soon, sweet girl,
have fun with your jewelry making.

Queen said...

Yikes! you poor thing.
Dentist pain is the worst of the worst.
Sending you lots of healing thoughts and love.

Queen Marie

Louise said...

Thanks everyone! I'm feeling loads better now x