Thursday, 11 March 2010

Car booty part II

This wonderfully illustrated and bound book (I have been screenprinting book covers at uni and have become a little too interested in printed bookcloth). It had a bookplate that states it was presented in 1944 as part of a 'young people's war' program. Isn't Jabez The Unlucky the BEST name?

Also, many more tins. I keep buying vintage tins in the hope that having a lot will help me organise all my bits and pieces, but instead I just have a messy desk of tins... still, they look pretty!

Come across any good finds lately yourself?

(EDIT: Jabez the Unlucky actually seems to be a horribly patronising colonialist account of a little Indian boy, and I have gone off it a little bit. Still looks nice though)


Sister Wolf said...

I wish you could come and clean out my's full of old rusty shit, including some parts for a 1952 Buick Roadmaster!

Louise said...

I would bloody love that, Sister Wolf! that is my dream leisure activity.