Wednesday, 23 December 2015


When I saw the wonderful Sarah of Me and Orla announce an instagram Christmas gift-giving exchange, I pounced on it and signed up right away. I love love love the putting together, sending and receiving of packages purely for the reason of brightening up someone's day, or sending a little bit of pretty happiness (prappiness?!). And just look what turned up at my place yesterday! A great big box of total joy from talented German photographer Rona Keller, who got me 'to a T' - seeds for topping loaves, a load of fantastic herbal teas, homemade sugared almonds (my favourite) plus chocolates (already long gone), lots of Rona's lovely photographs and all fantastically wrapped and decorated. I also really appreciated the dried orange rings because I didn't have time to make my own this year.

All in all, a total win. Thanks Rona!

PS she has a totally beautiful instagram feed, if that's your bag. It so is mine. :D

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