Sunday, 19 July 2015


Some photos from around the house lately... a bit of baking, a new cactus (only just picked all the prickles out my hands from carrying it home!) and the ever-growing lot of glass jars that, as the boyfriend says, are taking over the kitchen. But... so useful, no?!

Also, a new(ish) arrangement of prints above my desk. The one top right is from the wonderful garden book club, the 'Curiouser and curiouser' print can be found here, and the geometric one will soon be in the shop.

We're so enjoying these long, hot lazy weekend days. I need to be more careful though, got the silliest shaped sunburn yesterday when I missed some of my back with the suncream!


éva-mona said...

Planning on jam & jelly making with all these glass jars? Now they would turn tasteful as well as useful ;-) Currently enjoying my first British rainy holi-day today in South-Devon - so we had comfort cream scones and a nice cuppa!

Charis said...

I just bought myself a new cactus too & a miniature rose, I definitely got attacked by both ;)

Louise said...

Eva-mona - yes indeed, that's the plan! And jam-making season is very nearly here. I also use them when I make yoghurt sometimes for storing it in the fridge. Hope you're enjoying your rainy British holiday!

Charis - oof! double spikey! How we suffer for our plants... :)