Thursday, 19 March 2015


My wonderful friend Ayla brought me these matchboxes back from Japan. I particularly love the sweet, block-colour simplicity of the vintage ones (top).

That vegetable? fruit? in the bottom one intrigues me - if anyone can let me know what the type says to shed some light on what it might be I'd very interested!


Corandco said...

Hi. I would say it's a peach - a well-loved fruit in Japanese tradition, a symbol for happiness and longevity, and a prominent feature in the legend of Momotaro where the hero was born in a peach.
Beautiful little collection!

Louise said...

Thanks so much Corandco - a peach! of course! That makes sense.


Adam Kyne-Lilley said...

I reckon it looks more like a Daikon, they're not always long massive things, they can be quite stubby.