Saturday, 3 January 2015

Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois, Ode a la Bièvre, 2002

The other day we popped into Tate Modern (trying to make best use of all these beautiful days off work!) to see the free display Louise Bourgeois: Works on Paper. I've long been a fan, so I was interested to see her prints, drawings and books. However, the piece that really grabbed my attention wasn't on paper at all. Ode a la Bièvre is a cloth book, stitched with many different techniques by a seamstress that the artist knew. The cloth comes from various old textiles, long stored by Bourgeois, that had meaning for her. 

I love this, idea and execution, and although not much else of the display grabbed me I came away feeling pretty inspired. I've been remembering lately that what I really loved at uni and college was making artists books, and am slowly returning to this... Perhaps a good way to bring together natural dyeing and embroidery, two skills I've been meaning to get back into this year?

Below (equally intriguing), Ode â l'oubli

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éva-mona said...

I visited Louise Bourgeois's Exhibition at the Tate Modern few years ago but I don't remember thos stitches pieces. They're amazing, you're right! Thanks for sharing these with us.

she. said...

ACK, that would be so amazing:)

Louise said...

:) x