Thursday, 28 February 2013


 I had the most fantastic time in Stockholm last weekend. It was my 25th birthday and I wanted to do something quite good for it... so we went away. It was beautiful, it was relaxed, there was snow but things still worked... (are you listening, London?!). Yes, very good, thank you Sweden.


Mariana said...

Lovely photos- I've never been to Stockholm but it's on my 'Places I want to visit' List (As is every other city in the world...)
Happy belated birthday, by the way! :)

Krystal said...

i want to go there so bad! my friend and i are deciding between stockholm and amsterdam :)

shayla. said...

lovely photos! such pretty buildings :)

Lotta Losten said...

Hahah! You should hear how people here complain about nothing working when it's snowing. The thing is that we really should be prepared for lots of snow in Sweden but we never are, the trains usually have big problems during winter time.
Last year that was all the media was reporting about.
Glad to hear everything worked out perfectly when you visited. :-)