Saturday, 14 May 2011

Saturday Candy

Bit of an earring-buying spree - look at the pretty colours! I just couldn't stop at one pair... I would ideally like to wear them all at once with this candytastic dress from Pomp & Pride on etsy. Now, that would be a happy Saturday!

PS. Dear blogger, thank you very much for working again, but please could I have all my comments back? It's very surprising that anyone takes the time to write back to my ramblings, let alone such sparkling, witty comments so can I read them again please? Thank you please.

Earrings from Beaujangles, Norwich.


silverpebble said...

Oh. Love those ear sweeties.

I would like my comments back too - thank goodness for my inbox.

Sarah B. said...

I love those earrings! They are fabulous :)

Angela said...

That dress is lovely! xx

Cat said...

That ear candy is fabulous! :)

Love :)

Happy Weekend my dear!

xx Cat brideblu

{you should totally get that is so pretty!}

Louise said...

It is pretty isn't it? Sorely tempted... said...

Love your eye for candy Louise :)

angie said...

oh i know your pain, my blog was being a bastard for 4 days!

those earrings do look like candy. love them!

stud earrings said...

Those earrings are adorable! Are they stud backed? The popular stud right now is a designer style featuring intricate and unusual designs like this!