Saturday, 16 April 2011

Today I am mostly loving the little arrow shapes formed by the hemp twine on these rather snazzy bracelets by hippiekingdom. Good colours, too.

PS I've re-made my portfolio site and I must say I'm rather pleased with it. What do you think?


Angela said...

Oh these are lovely, will definitely check out that etsy shop now! xx

Rachel - Firebird said...

They are gorgeous. I've been experimenting with 'winding' tings round other things recently and love the result but struggle to get it neat enough for my liking. I shall endeavour though

betty said...

I confirm, your new portfolio site is pretty nice :)
I specially like your work for digits !

ishe said...

great bracelets and i love the new site
looks simple and fresh
that is what now is in trend and it s=doesn't distract you from the main )

but i alsi think that you are such a creative person and the design of your site could also be unusual

Louise said...

Thanks everyone!
Rachel - do persevere! Practice makes perfect, apparently, or so I've heard.
Betty and Ishe, thanks, simple is all I can manage right now to be honest :)

KERRY said...

Hi Louise, I really, really love your new portfolio site design. It's very similar to what I have been wanting to do with mine, so I'm going to check out the source and look into it myself (I won't copy your designs though of course, I just like that layout)! Good work lady! Have a great Easter weekend in the sunshine x :)