Friday, 8 April 2011


This is an artist's impression of what the sky looked like today. Lovely.
Happy weekends x


Rachel - Firebird said...

We had one stubborn little cloud here, this afternoon. A bit of an exhibitionist cloud I think, I liked his style.

Have a good weekend x

the lady and the gentleman said...

envious. our sky is grey.

Lyndall said...

The weather has been beautiful here lately! Of course the minute I hung out a big lot of washing it started to rain, haha!

Queen Marie said...

How heavenly!

Congratulations on your new job you wonderful girl.

Here's hoping for blue skies in every area of your life!


Louise said...

Wishing you all back the same sky! It hasn't been quite so nice since...
Lyndall - isn't that always the way?