Wednesday, 19 January 2011

This is definitely the best time of year for charity shopping, what with all the unwanted Christmas cast-offs! My favourite local one looked like it was holding an exhibition of rustic ceramics and pottery the other day - I wonder if a hoarder had brought a lot in all at once or if they just squirrel them away out back until they've amassed a collection? Anyway, these useful-looking bits came home with me. I'll put olives in them or something...

Also, a quick note to say that you can an extra 10% off everything from All Things Original, including sale items, until Sunday with this code: SALE10. There's loads of very pretty things to cheer you up (is it me or has it gotten colder and miserabler outside again?!)


la casita said...

lovely pieces.
no it isn't you, is cold and wet and miserable again...sigh!
now i'll go to cheer me up in your shop : )

la casita said...

eh eh...done, I was just looking for a nice brooch for my next knitting project!