Thursday, 4 November 2010

Nice Things In The Post: part 2

This beautiful thing was made by Moorea, and we did a swap in exchange for some pictures I took and one of my 'circle triangle' necklaces. It's freaky deaky how similar our tastes are! Anyhoo, thanks Moorea, it's beautiful, I've already got loads of compliments and ps. your blog is lovely. Hurray for nice friends and pretty rocks! Anyone else been lucky with the post lately?


Moorea Seal said...

seriously similar taste! ;) i'm so glad you work with metallic leather and just have a few different textures and detailing that make you you. because we make slightly similar things, because we have such similar taste. but yours still feel entirely you and mine feel entirely mine :) your leather is much thinner and lighter than the leather i use which is rough and thick.

i LOVE my new necklace. love love love. I have worn it quite a few times already :)

Yvie said...

Hi Louise!
I am definately going to the Saints Fair this time...I work at the DanceEats cafe so I've been working for every single one so far boo There is NO WAY I'm missing this one xx

Louise said...

You're right Moorea, well summed-up!

Yvie - great, see you there!