Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Great Clearing-out Giveaway

Ladies and Gentlefolk, it seems that I simply must have a bit less stuff to move between houses, and so I've decided to give away a few bits and pieces. It's a mix of experiments, old stock and hoarded crafty bits that's on offer!

Luck winner number 1 will receive the vintage bird silhouette glass, above, a screen printed bag (made from shirt fabric bought for my Dad in 1987 or something) and a lot of ribbon and odd crafty things that I can't bring myself to chuck (below).

Winner number two will receive: A tasselly canvas zip clutch, anchor brooch and 'happy camper' cardholder made from a recycled tent, below. Oh what riches! These aren't available in the shops, folks!
To enter, simply pop over to the shop and come back and tell me what is your favourite thing, as well as which prize you've got your eye on. Consumer research and a clearout all at once - how's that for efficiency, eh?

I'll pick a winner out of a hat on Wednesday night (UK time). To get your name in that hat twice, feel free to post or tweet about the giveaway and let me know! You will also get a big internet kiss xx


Emma said...

Hi! My name is Emma. I found this blog through Angie at Lucky Pony, a blog which I read all the time! I would love to enter this giveaway, and I don't really care about which prize I receive, I'd just love to have some of this awesome stuff! My favorite thing in your shop is that tiny little coin purse thing with the golden button. I think it would make me smile if I saw it! Have an awesome day!


Jess Kahele said...

My fav thing in your shop is the tribe necklace! I like the second set of goodies the most, but they're all awesome.

Zoƫ said...

I love the first set of goodies, especially the bag and the birds. In your shot I love the golden girl bunting necklace, so adorable!


no ghosts said...

i like your stag silhouette necklace the best at the moment! and i'd just love to have such a beautiful birdie.... <3

the girl in the bowler hat said...

My favourite product of yours are definitely the bunting necklaces! Although I do love alot of your shop, I'm even considering doing a post on your etsy.

I love the first set, especially the printed bag!


KERRY said...

Hello...what a lovely giveaway. You know what my favourite things are (as seen on my blog)! Though I love the hare in the vintage frame too. Fingers crossed!

sylviesgarden said...

Hello, I recently found your blog and love it!
My favourite things are the silhouette necklaces.

Emma said...

What a lovely give away - beautiful prizes - I'd love to enter!

My favourite thing in your shop would have to be anything with the sweet hare silhouette...

I don't mind which prize, but I'll say the second - love little trinkets! x

Jade said...

This is such a fantastic giveaway... I've spent ages on your shop and i've had a hard time picking my favourite. But i'm going to have to with Golden Bunting Necklace.. but i'm pretty obsessed with all of it!
I've got my eye on the first prize... those vintage bird silhouette glass are absolutely gorgeous! so fingers crossed! I've also tweeted about it here!


Louise said...

Thanks so much, everyone! All very helpful x

Amanda said...

Everything in your shop is just so darling! But if I had to pick one, I adore the vintage lace collar necklace!

Out of the prizes, I love the screen printed bag & the little bits and bobs. I have a sweet spot for ribbons and trinkets. :)

Khrissie Farrands said...

My FAVOURITE item from your shop is the Creme caramel, teeny weeny little frame purse!! Its just adorable and perfect to keep your change in, or a favourite teeny lipstick!

I love everything from the giveaway so i've got my eye on it all, i think the clutch might just be a favourite of the lot though. Its gorgeous! and it has my name (khristina farrands) all over it as you can see :)

Thanks for putting up the giveaway, it makes it feel like christmas and like I have a part in Harry Potter just waiting to find out if i'm the 'chosen one'


Sara said...

how adorable! i love everything in your shop, but your stag silhouettes are by far my favorite!

Moorea Seal said...

I LOOOOVE everything in the 2nd category. the purse really wants to be in my hands, can tell. :)

and my favorite thing in your shop right now is:
I love your metallic leather SO much. eep.

<3 Moorea

Katy said...

Totally have my eye on your icicles pendant and quite honestly, I already have my space planned out for receiving the bird silhouettes!

lucindaa said...

You know I love your geometry necklaces :)
But I also adore the tribal and bunting necklaces, and the stag silhouettes, everything in your shop is lovely

Both of the prizes are amazing! But I'm enamoured with that printed bag, and I would definitely welcome the crafty knick knacks and bird silhouette into my home!


danniekate said...

i never win, so i shan't enter, but i do love your blog :) x

Leanne said...

Great giveaway, I particulary like the bird silhouette!

My favourite things in your shop are the silhoutte necklaces, I've already got a rabbit one from cherry cherry!

Leanne x

leah flener said...

I am IN LOVE with the bunting necklaces!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Micaela said...

oh louise, you always give THE BEST giveaways! i will hope and put my name in the hat, though i can't be too sad if i don't win because i am MORE than grateful to have won your spring giveaway :) but! alas, how can i pass it up? beauties!!!

xoxo Micaela

lucindaa said...

I also just tweeted about this here:!/lucindait/status/9520537638273024


Louise said...

This is great guys, thanks so much! Good luck to you all x

Hermine said...

Oh, Louise, what a lovely giveaways ! I normally have never luck with give aways. But maybe this time ... . :)

jo said...

i'm so glad i found this blog in time for this giveaway :P

my favourites in your shop are the bunting necklaces - such a great idea to use leather bits in this simple design. in fact, i would say the rhombus and arrows ones too, but i just added them to my cart and about to check them out! hehe

i've also tweeted this giveaway here -!/twentyeightt/status/9891382873296896


Ella said...

This was indeed a tricky choice, but I have to go with the Creme caramel - teeny weeny little frame purse. The runner up is the crown medal brooch. It was a tight race!