Saturday, 9 October 2010

When lovely Nath sent me an email with the proposition that she send me a bag of goodies that she'd bought at auction, in exchange for me turning a bit of it into a lace collar necklace, I practically bit her hand off. The package arrived and I was squealing with delight - so many lovely little bits and pieces! Thanks Nath and I hope you like the collar x

PS don't forget to check out the mad reductions in the shop available this week - the silly sale really is BONKERS!


Alice said...

This collar is adorable. I'm sure Nath adore it! She's very lucky!:)
xx, Alice from bells and whistles

la casita said...

so sweet, she will love it!

Gina said...

What a fun exchange! The collar necklace is beautiful.

Petite Annabel said...

Oh wow, it so darn pretty! xx from Amsterdam

Anonymous said...

i just had to say i loved your bicycle illustration on lulu letty's blog!


petit fournil de paris said...

Wow, your Blog is really adorable.
And I think, that she likes it, the photos are lovely.
Love your header. :)
I would be glad if you take a look at my Blog and I'd feel so honoured if you want to follow me.
Lovely regards,

xx, Jana from petit fournil de paris.

nath said...

hallo you, thanks for this! i do like my new things, v much. i want to wear the leather bow ion my winter coat, when i get one that is. i will do a proper post on it, SOOON, this week is a write-off!

Louise said...

Oh good! That sounds lovely and wintertastic, got your eye on any particular kind of coat?