Tuesday, 14 September 2010

soft geometries

After all that new metally stuff, I've gone all soft and triangly. This is my new 'soft geometry' collection (plus a rogue anchor charm bracelet), in the shop now, and more coming this week.
Pastel triangles, anyone?

{EDIT: anchor bracelet now in the shop too!}


Chloe Trayner said...

Love the pins and that charm bracelet looks really cute too.

la casita said...

Oh they are so sweet.


Alice said...

I want that bracelet. Oh and I love the vintage cameras in your shop. :)
Ps: Thanks for the comment on my Blog. xx, Alice from bells and whistles

Miss_Muffett said...

i adore the anchor bracelet! x

Louise said...

Thanks ladies! Very reassuring to have your nice thoughts. The bracelet is available now if anyone wants it x

Lindsey said...

Those are too adorable, I love the pastel shades!