Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Finally got some prints done of film I took with my Diana. Most are rubbish but I really like these two!


laura said...

love them! i wanna see more!

ByMyFairHand said...

I love the style of the Diana Camera but it takes some getting used to. Lomography = yum!

viilhvile said...

These ar really dreamy images... the once you have when you're between dreaming and waking up. Different and lovely.

Jazzabelle said...

these look wonderful, very dreamy indeed. i'd love to see more, too!

jazzabelle. xxx

Gina said...

These are fab. I am thinking of getting a you like it?

Louise said...

Thanks everyone!
Bymyfairhand - it certainly does. I think I need more practice but the films I shot more recently definitely have a higher success rate than the first. Progress!
Gina - I love it. It's a challenge, but it's loads of fun. And its so pretty!
Jazzabelle - more coming :)