Thursday, 1 July 2010

Package Project

This is my lovely lovely package from Emily (who has a great blog) as part of Nadia's incredible Package Project. There were even more gorgeous bits in the package but I got too excited and forgot to take nice photos! The map envelops, vintage tickets and such are just SO nice, and who doesn't love red'n'white bakers twine?

So thanks Emily, and I fully encourage all of you to keep an eye on the Package Project blog, and join in the next one if poor Nadia can bear to organise it again!


nath said...

HOW do i not know about this?! and take some MORE photographs, it looks so great and exciting! you lucky thing! have you sent one?

p.s. i keep meaning to post your badge, i took a nice photograph, next post, it's in!

emily @ the daily smudge said...

so glad you liked it... thankyou millions for your bundle of delicious-ness... I feel most spoilt and am loving wearing all my treasures! Twas lovely meeting you via post boxes.

la casita said...

Fantastic, next time I'd like to take part!!!!!
Oh I'm so jelous right now :)

Louise said...

Nath - definitely get involved in the next one, it's great! I've posted Emily's pictures of what I sent her above. Awesome, love to see the badge!

Emily - my pleasure!

Alessandra - haha definitely do! x