Thursday, 8 July 2010


Hurray! My laptop lives to have a hot beverage spilled upon it another day. This was excellent news after a mind-numbingly foot-stingingly hot and sweaty day in London for an interview.
Similarly cheering news was that I was lucky enough to receive the lovely rings above from Much Love Illy after winning them in a Paper'n'stitch giveaway that I'd forgotten I entered. Thanks, universe.


the coolest person in the world said...

Ooo... those are cool. Who doesn't love *surprises* via mail? Glad your computer is ok! :)


Studio Speck said...

How'd you save the computer? I've spilled many drinks on mine, and usually if you just tip them upside down until then dry, it works. Keypad may be a bit stickity, but you can pop them off and clean if its too bothersome.

Sweet lil rings BTW, cheers!

Louise said...

Studio Speck - That is exactly what I tried, and was really quite worried when it didn't work! The magic man in the apple shop did something to it though and now it seems ok.

Emil und die gro├čen Schwestern said...

So cool!!! Perfect for a summer day!

la casita said...

The laws of Universe are infinite!
I'm glad your computer works again.
Those rings are lovely ^.^

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

hey, girl! thanks for the shout-out. i'm loving the photos you took of the rings - and eyeing your nailpolish!

congrats again. and happy weekend. :)

p.s. cute blog!

Katyha said...

Oh my! those are the cutest rings ever. I love your nail polish too.

I am glad your computer is still alive, I don't know what I would do without mine :(

Daphne said...

eeep! i know Gordon would survive.:) I'm going to London in august, horaaay. portobello road♥ Ohh and I want to buy something in your shop, write a post about it, make sure people will read it, make you rich and then we can just buy a sweet house. because even cardinals like money, sounds good?;D

Louise said...

Thanks Daphne, be my guest! My laptop isn't actually called Gordon, that was just a reference to the awesomely-awful cult film Flash Gordon x