Thursday, 22 April 2010

This magnolia tree is on my way to and from university, and I had to grab a picture yesterday with the blue blue skies behind. Still no contrails in the sky, just the moon peeking out early.


Sarah C said...

what is it about a magnolia tree that begs to be photographed?? i'm not a flower photo taker by any means, but every time i pass by a magnolia tree, i want to run up to it, hide under it's branches and take loads of photos!

(these are lovely, by the way...)

Jazzabelle said...

what lovely photographs, hasn't the weather been wonderful lately?

your blog is amazing, as are your homemade pieces on your etsy account, oh how i wish i had more than £1.40 in my account, ha! it's great to see what you bought from the car boot sale and then how you changed it into your beautiful jewellry. i have been inspired by you and other fabulous blogs to try and make my own pieces.

i am so looking forward to purchasing something from you!

love, jazzabelle. x

Jen said...

This is gorgeous. I'm a little obsessed with trees like this. They're so utterly beautiful.

Yes, I do love my brooch! I'm STILL wearing it... at 9.30pm! :)

Harriet said...

I lvoe all the blossom that is around at the moment! I have a magnolia tree next door nad it drops its beautiful petals into my garden sometimes, so I get to admire it from afar!