Monday, 11 January 2010

Some patterned endpapers I've designed for a short stories book design brief. I'll show you the books as soon as I've taken some good photos.

The snow seems to be retreating at last, which is nice. I've got a cracking bruise on my knee where I slipped over (drunk) in the snow the other night. It's been fun, but it's nice to go outside without gloves on!


la casita said...

Oh I like these patterns...they could be great for lots of stuff actually...and I love the soft tones!
Thinking of the japanese crochet book, I'm still dreaming of making some but they seems a bit complicated...I will try eventually!
a belated happy 2010 to you! X

LAURA!!! said...

ooo! I love these endpapers! can't wait to see the book!