Friday, 30 October 2009

The results of the lavender sachet making session. They're a bit rustic-looking ( I think my poor old sewing machine needs a service, it's zig-zagging has all gone to pot!) , but smell really lovely.

I reckon that's mum's christmas present under my belt! (yes, it still feels a bit too early for that sort of talk!)


Fine Little Day said...

I like the handmade feeling.

lyptis said...

Yeah i like the rustic look too!

The fuggered zigzag makes them look even cuter.
Well done, im sure ur mum will be pleased!:)

Juste said...

wow, great idea, perfect place to keep lavenders, i am a big fan of them, cant take a bath without the lavender oil:)

la casita said...

they are luvely!
hello girl of norwich thanks for visiting my place!-)