Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Jammy jammy

There seem to be plums everywhere - My parents, my boyfriend's parents, his grandma - everyone's giving us plums! So I decided to do something constructive with the huge great pile of plums, and make some jam.

It's set like a dream, and has the most beautiful colour that you can kind of see in the last photo. I'm planning on giving them away with big purchases at my next craft market - hence the, erm, 'cohesive branding'....should be fun, anyway!
I wondered if anyone would like the recipe, which came from my grandma's cookbook that she gave my mum when she left home. It's pretty reliable!

Here it is:

good luck! let me know how it goes xx

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Airam said...

Thank you for the comment in my blog - I'll keep you guys posted when it comes to my Dermalogica experiences :) Your blog looks wonderfully sweet, and I adore that blue brooch in your Etsy shop!