Saturday, 5 September 2009

Charity SCORE

Hello my darlings. Just thought I'd share with you some GEMS from yesterday's rain-avoidance stint inside a few charity shops in town. First off is this rather fetching vintage M&S nightdress which I've shortened a bit - its still a bit flouncier and hippier than I'd usually go for but the fabric is amazing and I'll man it up maybe with leather or a blazer. The other thing is by far the winner - I grabbed a handful of little vintage frames cos I use them for this sort of thing, and I hadn't even looked at what was in them but when I got home I found this BEAUTY in a little ornate silver fella:

Love it. Enjoy your Sundays!


Anonymous said...

Cute blog : )

chloe said...

those old ladies are so fun! thats gonna be me and my best friend in 50 years! nice finds x