Thursday, 30 July 2009

Jar Head

My work space, which is always rather messy, has been getting totally out of hand recently and I've been meaning to get all my bits and bobs organised. While browsing through a shop in town that's always full of the most fantastic vintage items, I came across a stack of these amazing vintage jars on a shelf. Now this shop is as a rule horribly over-priced, way above my student budget, but as these were marked at just £2 each I couldn't resist and now they're home I can't stop looking at them! So I thought I'd share them with you. They have a really nice tarnished patina on the gold screw tops which is making my day, frankly!

As to actually getting organised, they're too pretty to have anything useful in so we'll see about that!


Kristin said...

So lovely!

Teenage (ariel) Dirtbag said...

such a good idea!

lyptis said...

Hi and Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!:)

Love those jars, what a great find, they sure have a lot of character!
Organizing workspaces is such a challenge, im still looking for the right way to store my fabrics!:O

Bird_flew said...

oh yesyes! i had the luck of finding some jars quite similar to these not too long ago myself.. and i've used them for supplies and odds & ends too! i love how you can easily see what you've put where because they're glass :)