Tuesday, 7 July 2009

a bit of a give away...

Look at these babies! Last weekend we drove miles out into the real real countryside in search of a car boot sale in a tiny village hall, and (having got up rather late) they were almost packing up when we arrived. However, this tiny little old lady was still there with her table full of hand-knitting, on which I spied these mad snuggle boots which will be perfect for padding about the flat in in the winter.

How much? I hear you ask. 20p! I bought 3 pairs of hand-knitted socks off her for 60p, and when I tried to give her a pound, she insisted that I pick another item from the table. So I picked up this fantastic vintage scarf, which in honour of the mad knitting lady's generosity, I will send, along with a vintage military button brooch from my stock, to whomsoever leaves a comment with the best old lady/grandma/knitting -related story by the end of July.

Hurrah! make it a good'un... xx


Anonymous said...

Giveaway! My mother-in-law was a talented knitter, who gifted us with her handmade treasures throughout my married life. For my wedding, she gave us a beautiful afghan that we still use 35 years later. When we curl up underneath it, we can feel all the love that she put into every stitch. For each of our two daughters, she made
exquisite christening blankets that we cherish today as family heirlooms.We have saved all the knit bonnets and jackets for my future grandchildren. Ann was a special, lovely woman, whose legacy lives on in the lovely handmade knit items that we value so very much. Thank you! alinazee@verizon.net

Slices of Beauty... said...

Very cute!

Cat said...

im not sure that i have a particularly good one but it does involve both knitting AND my gran (who happens to be a moderately old lady) so here goes.
Hoping to develop some proof of 'manual dexterity'(!?) for the unis i was applying too i asked my gran to teach me to knit, i wasnt great (although i was quite good at picking colours to put together and got really excited picking out all the brightest wool from our nearest market stall) anyway i would sit for hours and get maybe 30 rows done with huge aid from my gran. I was determined to knit one for my mum and her boyfriend in time for christmas but thought it might have to be an easter present. Anyway after a few days i started to come downstairs in the morning to find my poor attempt from the previous day had doubled in size!
Although i quite liked the theory that i was sleep-knitting the perfect spacing gave the game away that my gran was trying to give me some encouragement lol, though how much i thanked her she always insisted she hadnt touched them (with a crafty smile) yet my scarves kept growing.
Of course they were finished in time for christmas, one neon pink and black, one cobalt blue, grey and white.
To this day she still blames elves but i am not convinced. My gran is and to my recollection always has been a bit of a genius, the older she gets the more youthful and fun loving she seems.
Its really sweet that you can find such nice things at car boot sales, i tend to end up with sacks full of out of shape metal dinner trays with soppy looking dogs on them, not quite sure why, i just tend to lose my mind a touch.